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Berger Hicks Settles Dog Bite Case

Berger Hicks recently settled a challenging dog bite case. The client was bitten by several dogs that escaped from a foreclosed property. A large national bank had foreclosed on a property nearby where the client lived. After foreclosure, however, the bank neglected to properly monitor the property and allowed a squatter to not only live on the property but also breed bulldogs on the property. Unfortunately, the bulldogs escaped and brutally attacked the Plaintiff, who suffered multiple dog bites on her body as well as severe emotional distress. Berger Hicks took on the mega-bank and was able to hold them liable for the injuries due to their negligent behavior in maintaining the property. Once the Court ruled that the bank could be held liable under this unique scenario, the bank was quick to resolve the matter. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to call the attorneys at Berger Hicks, at 305-670-7050.


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