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Insurance Tip: Material Misrepresentation

One of the most common defenses we see to insurance claims is the defense of material misrepresentation. Very often, insurance companies deny claims saying that there is a misrepresentation on the original application for insurance. The claims of misrepresentations can take many forms, such as: 1) failure to list all household member over a certain age; 2) failure to list prior accidents or claims; 3) failure to list all drivers of a vehicle; and 4) listing an address that is not actually the address at which the person lives. All of these failures can lead to a total denial of coverage. When you are obtaining auto insurance, make sure you give honest answers. Do not be swayed by an insurance agent who tells you that you can save a lot of money if you would only omit certain facts. Tell the truth on your insurance application. The extra money you may pay now, will save you thousands of dollars in the future in the case of an accident. If you have any insurance questions or any question regarding personal injuries, please do not hesitate to call Berger & Hicks, P.A., at 305-670-7050.

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