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Appeals Court Upholds Judgement Against State Farm: Again!

No matter how hard they tried, State Farm could not overturn a Judgment obtained by Berger Hicks in a 2015 PIP Case. In a case brought against State Farm for their improper handling of a claim where they tried to underpay a Berger Hicks client, the firm obtained a Judgment against State Farm for the full amount of the client’s bill. State Farm took an immediate appeal, and after eighteen months, their appeal was denied! Never giving in, State Farm tried to appeal to an even higher court. Denied!!! The 3rd District Court of Appeal turned down State Farm’s second appeal and upheld the original Judgment. Thanks to Elliot Kula and his firm for the amazing appellate work. Chalk another one up for the good guys. As always, if you have any questions regarding personal injuries or insurance claims, call the attorneys at Berger Hicks. 305-670-7050.

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