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Berger Hicks Clients Brake for Geese…

… but sometimes other drivers do not.   Recently, M.M., Berger Hicks’ client, was driving over the Lehman causeway when a flock of eight geese landed on the road and slowly began waddling in front of M.M.’s car.    M.M., recognizing that the geese had no interest in keeping morning traffic flowing smoothly, stopped her car to wait for the geese.  Unfortunately, the defendant driver did not stop, slamming her car into the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle.  After the defendant’s insurance company refused to make a legitimate offer, Berger Hicks filed suit against the careless driver.  Following discovery, and after beating down ridiculous claims that the accident was not the defendant’s fault because she could never have expected geese to land on the road, Berger Hicks secured a settlement in excess of twelve times the original offer.  As always, if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, call the attorneys at Berger Hicks, at 305-670-7050.

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