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Get to Know… Adam Loeb

Adam is originally from Melville, New York, about halfway out on Long Island.  He went to college in Albany, New York and Law School here in Miami.   Adam also lived and studied in London for almost a year, taking classes in European history and fine arts, where he attended the theater on a regular basis.  He is a big animal rights activist and worked with the Florida Bar on animal rights issues.   Adam maintains membership in the New York Bar as well as the Florida Bar, giving him the opportunity to represent clients throughout the country.

Adam is a member of the Gentlemen’s Journal where he markets the firm’s personal injury and PIP practice.  He recently developed Berger Hicks’ Appellate Practice, where he serves as the primary brief writer for the firm.  Adam loves fantasy football, claiming multiple championships over the past several years. He is a certified open water SCUBA diver and lives in the Edgewater section of Miami where he enjoys traveling, cooking, and attending local events. 

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