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Negligent Security

Negligent Security Lawyer in Miami

Unfortunately, owners of property in Florida do not always take the proper precautions to limit crimes on their properties, including crimes against people.  Florida Law takes care of this with its laws on Negligent Security. The law of negligent security is that property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain safe properties for guests and visitors. Failure to do so can result in criminal activities taking place on the property.  Berger Hicks makes sure that property owners are held liable for any injuries that result from those criminal actions.

In order to prove liability, we must prove that the crimes were foreseeable or that the owner had notice.  The property owner must be aware that a crime could have occurred and have failed to  reasonable precautions to prevent the crime from occurring.

One way to prove that property owners should have been aware of the crime risk is to look at crime grids and crime statistics for an area. A simple zipcode search will uncover where crimes are occurring and even what types of crimes: violent, non-violent, property crimes, etc. With this data, Berger Hicks has been able to hold owners liable for their negligence.

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